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Water, fruits, plants…

In complete transparency!

Infuséo: an idea born from free diving!

«Why are the drinks we find on the market always sodas, pasteurized fruit juices or flavored waters full of artificial flavors and sugar?»
Marceau asked himself the question one summer evening between two sips of lemonade after returning from snorkeling in the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer (06).

A confirmed and passionate free diver, the founder of INFUSEO reflected on the problems of dehydration encountered by deep-sea enthusiasts. This phenomenon is linked to the hydrostatic pressure on the body when diving.

He found THE solution: combine the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables with the best drink for the body: water. What could be better than organic and fresh ingredients? Fruits and plants then provide quality nutrients that can be directly assimilated by the body.

You will see what you will drink !

At Infuséo we are right! Additives, flavorings and added sugars are therefore useless: we do not cheat with nature !


Careful preparation of ingredients.

Ripe fruits and fresh plants are finely cut by hand by the Infuséo team.

Everything is done to avoid unnecessary transformations, oxidation or artificial preparations…

Zero sugar or added additives!


A manual filling far from the standards.

The ingredients are bottled manually before carefully filling the bottles with water.

Each bottle is unique with fresh fruits and plants like in real life…

A high-tech method of preservation

The small bottles «travel 20,000 leagues under the sea» using the innovative principle of High Pressure…

We’ll tell you more if you go deeper, follow us…

A subtle taste without preservatives, aromas or additives and above all without sugar or calories, enough to drink all day long…

Pourquoi c’est bon de se mettre la (Haute) Pression ?

If at home you fill a carafe with water and add a slice of cucumber, lemon and ginger, you get a lightly infused and slightly fragrant drink that will only keep for a few days in the refrigerator before bad micro-organisms spoil the drink.

So how do you gain flavors without cheating?

The secret of Infuséo?  Imagine that the bottle of INFUSEO and its passengers (the fresh ingredients) take a dive 60km under water… This puts your ideas in place!

After receiving a pressure of 6000 bars for a short time, the products come back free of any bad micro-organisms. Another surprise: they have gained in storage time, the vitamins and nutrients are preserved because, unlike pasteurization at over 100°C, the ingredients have not been cooked. Your infusion is also more aromatic.

INFUSEO, a simple and authentic brand:

Proper hydration has always been an essential concern for man.

Gradually, drinking became a pleasure with all the excesses linked to always more… more sugar more caffeine more exoticism… too much in fact!

Our logo is a bit of a cobblestone in the pond… fed up with the sugar, artificial or “natural” flavoring sweetening additives. For Infuséo, nature is self-sufficient !

INFUSEO is at the crossroads of bottled water, fruit juices, infusions and cooking with an obsession. INFUSEO is fresh, organic with quality  ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

We use plants and flowers that have been used for millennia for their health effects. We work with the best infusion plant specialists in the four corners of France…

As we have nothing to hide, you will see what you will drink !

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