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La 1ère infusion fraîche !

Infuséo, thirst for revolution !

Or should we rather say the revolution of thirst? Because indeed INFUSEO is a revolution in the way of quenching your thirst.

Have you ever seen fruits and plants in detox water?

You probably already make detox waters at home because this trend, which comes straight from the United States, is increasingly popular in France. And for good reason: in addition to drinking plain water, detox waters provide all the benefits of fruits and plants for your health.

A small contribution to your well-being throughout the day. A subtle taste of vitamins and minerals but without the harmfulness of sugar: it’s also good for your health!

The same recipes but in the bottle… hum… it gets complicated because until now it was impossible to keep them without pasteurizing them at more than 100° which caused a “cooking” of the fruits and plants and a change of taste… Not very fresh all that!

But how does Infuséo do it?

Organic fruits and plants in detox water?

It’s this way!

HPP = 6000 bars, i.e. the pressure there would be 60km under water…

(in truth, it can’t be because the deepest pit is “only” 11km long with a pressure of 1100 bars)

With Infuséo the revolution is the HPP !

The HPP a barbaric abbreviation (High Pressure Processing) which means that all the micro-organisms likely to ferment in the bottle are deactivated under the effect of considerable pressure.

This process makes it possible to preserve all the qualities of the ingredients for a fine and fresh infusion. Zero sugar and no preservatives, only natural fruits and plants!

Thanks to the HPP everything is possible and you will soon find a wide range of small Infused bottles in your favorite store: fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants, exotic and medicinal plants, edible flowers plus a few other surprises to come.


Infusing fruit in water means choosing the subtlety of the taste of lightly scented water.

A glass of fruit juice contains a lot of sugar and often comes from very elaborate industrial processes.

Infuséo has made the choice of less but better with fresh and organic fruits seeking maturity, taste and natural nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols and other precious minerals. There is zero sugar !

Plants and herbs

In the realm of freshness, the strongest are the greens !

Sweet mint and peppermint, cucumber and many other plants bring their sweet flavors to our infusions for maximum freshness!

They often serve as a contrast in fusions with fruits and other plants.

Flowers and spices

Spicy plants occupy a special place in our infusions

We do not hesitate to marry a beautiful Auvergne plant with a star of Ayurvedic medicine like fresh ginger ! Infuséo has no borders !

Infuséo has also immersed itself in the use of edible flowers, which are increasingly used by Chefs for their decorative… and nutritional properties.

With Infuséo you will see all the colors !

Infuséo does not stop there !

The taste is delicious but if we can do better by selecting the best ingredients, you might as well enjoy it!

At Infuséo everything is ORGANIC and comes from selected producers whenever possible close to our production site in the Oise Valley, north of Paris. Pineapple and other tropical fruits come from farther away…

Everyone knows the virtues of pineapple or ginger, but the INFUSEO teams have taken research very far with infusions of flowers with thousand-year-old virtues… plus they float and look pretty! (even the bottle cap!).

Some roses have a recognized effect on the skin, chamomile has calming and sedative properties and what about the Toulouse violet… O Toulouse…

Everything is edible! But you can only drink the infused water.

Water + Fruits + Plants

Infuséo the answer O need for consumer transparency.

Quality organic ingredients with recognized virtues.
A 2.0 way of drinking water for a healthier lifestyle.

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